Terms & Conditions

Receipt Of Photos

Photo Effex will only accept responsibility for loss or damage to photographs, whilst in its care, if deemed to be negligent. Damage or loss occurring during postage will be covered by postal insurance at the rate included in your original method. We advise you to send your photographs either by Royal Mail Special Delivery (compensation up to £2500), by recorded delivery (compensation up to £50) or by insuring against consequential loss with Royal Mail (insurance up to £10,000).

Delivery & Return of Originals

Your finished photos will be sent directly to you from a professional photographic laboratory. Any failure to deliver will be entirely their responsibility, however Photo Effex will undertake to rectify such situations wherever possible without accepting any liability. Delivery of finished standard photos will be within 3 working days of receipt of payment. Larger prints & canvases may take longer.

Any original copies will be returned to you using the method used to send them to us. All costs relevant to this will be incurred by the customer. In the event of photos being returned without work being undertaken, a charge will be made to cover the cost of postage at the afore mentioned rate. Please allow up to 14 working days for originals to be returned.


We will endeavour to produce the very best quality photographs, restrained only by the quality of original material. Colour & tint will be chosen in keeping with originals & where disputed will be communicated & discussed with the client. The finish of photos will remain the choice of the client (i.e. gloss, matt or media). Finished photos will be produced as photographs & not as inkjet or laser prints & will therefore be of excellent quality. You are advised to keep your finished photos away from contaminants, such as cigarette smoke & wherever possible under glass or plastic.

Guide Prices & Final Costs

Before the commencement of any work a guide to the expected costs will be given in writing, consisting of an upper & lower limit. The limits are based on an experienced estimation to the work involved in each restoration. Final costs will never exceed the upper limit & will be calculated at an hourly rate of £18.50 for the first hour and then £15.00 for subsequent hours or part thereof. Our minimum cost (per job) is £15.00 plus any delivery costs.


Payment can be made by cheque or online via this site & is due once a proof has been accepted & before delivery is made. In certain cases a charge may be levied in order to cover return postal charges.


In all cases we accept no responsibility for copyright infringement. We will presume you own the copyright to your images once you send them to us for consideration or unless you tell us otherwise. We may ask you to clarify this in writing.

Photograph copyright is covered under The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 & if you are not sure who owns the copyright to your photo or image then we strongly recommend that you find out before sending your photos or images. Where it is clear that copyright is being infringed, Photo Effex will not undertake the work.

Photo Effex reserves the right to refuse any business associations at its own discretion.